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Announcing Synergy CT Videocalling and Videoconferencing, Powered by Starleaf.

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Small businesses are built on relationships —

Now there’s an even better way to create personal, meaningful connections that can help your business grow. Synergy CT Videocalling and Videoconferencing Powered by Starleaf is a flexible, cloud-based service that brings high quality HD video connectivity to small-to-medium sized businesses, at a fraction of the price of comparable enterprise solutions

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Less frustration. More productivity.

Managing calls through a simple to use interface.


Conduct video calls and video conferences anytime, from almost anywhere.
Launch a professional HD video presentation from your corporate conference room, conduct a video call from your Mac, PC or tablet, or even dial in from your mobile phone. With a wide range of software and hardware endpoints, your choices are almost unlimited.

Say goodbye to frozen video screens, dropped calls and faulty connections.
Powered by multiple data centers with full redundancy, Starleaf’s powerful infrastructure ensures a strong connection, with excellent voice and video call quality.

Less frustration. More productivity.
With all calls managed through a single, easy-to-use interface, anyone can learn how to use our system quickly and intuitively — without spending time in training. It’s also fully compatible with other video and telepresence installations.

Connect with up to 20 people per call.

Our multi-party conferencing lets you conduct calls between multiple offices, even with large groups.

Share your screen, without hiding your face
Simultaneous screen and video sharing make it easy to walk through presentations, programs and processes step-by-step.

Keep your information secure.
All calls are also authenticated and encrypted by Starleaf, for maximum security.

Get more from your audiovisual solution.
Enjoy rich video and voice call features, including transferring, forwarding, video mail, call history, speed dial favorites and hunt groups.

Implement a state-of-the-art videoconferencing solution for less.
Starleaf’s flexible, low-cost endpoints are affordable and easy-to-use; and Synergy CT offers its cloud-based infrastructure as a service, saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s a simple way to get a sophisticated audiovisual solution, by spending less on capital, and addressing audiovisual communications as an operating cost.

Grow your business with exceptional audiovisual communication.

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