Communication Technology

Communication Technology, also known as information communication technology (ICT), is a mixture of collaborative equipment and software that maximizes the communication of a team. Synergy CT utilizes the latest and most innovative technology to keep you communicating efficiently and flawlessly.

Interactive Collaboration

Synergy CT features the most innovative collaboration solutions that will transform the way your office communicates. Our interactive equipment encourages a creative-learning environment where sharing and receiving information becomes second-hand nature, across a variety of devices.


Clear and crisp videoconferencing is essential to almost any business. That’s why our team at Synergy CT dedicates itself to staying on top of the best conferencing software and equipment in the industry. More so, we make sure to deliver an experience optimized for your business, to ensure that you get high-quality results and a communication strategy that matches your needs.

Beyond cutting-edge AV equipment and conferencing software, Synergy CT provides managed services that create a technological infrastructure for your business. By utilizing managed service solutions, your business can:

  • Save on expensive bridging equipment (which connects calls)
  • Save on upkeep costs for system maintenance
  • Create a CT (communication technology) infrastructure that matches user requirements and needs
  • Communicate securely and worry-free with built-in cloud network and security interfaces

Collaborate with Synergy CT

Our team will develop and execute a collaborative business plan matching your company’s needs. Please let us know any project guidelines or business goals you have.
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