Visualization Room


The client is an independent oil and natural gas acquisition, exploitation, and exploration company with a focus primarily in the Gulf of Mexico. They own working interests in federal and state waters as well as throughout the Permian Basin.


Design Goal

The client was in need of a dedicated room where geologists and geophysicists could collaborate over seismic data and make determinations on valuable land and potential drill sites. They also needed the space to serve as a meeting room where they could strategize over PowerPoint presentations and other found data.


Synergy designed a visualization system that incorporated 4×2 Planar Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall comprised of eight 55” LED-backlit displays. Each display features:

  • 1920×1080 resolution
  • 800 nits of brightness
  • Tiled bezel width of 5.5mm for very discrete mullions
  • G2 architecture from Planar for easy install and service

These LCD panels can be configured as either one larger viewing surface or two surfaces butted together. The client has the ability to access and share a virtual PC in extended desktop mode using one half of the total display space while sharing laptops or tablets on the left four panels wirelessly with Barco Clickshare. They can also rearrange images on the fly using the Cestron-controlled iPad on the table which comes programmed with viewing presets for ease-of-use. All of these features aid in their use of proprietary software for viewing and analyzing land data.


This project gave the client a more efficient system for the visualization of their seismic data and GIS maps. It allowed for easy collaboration over multiple data materials simultaneously with superior visual performance.

The electronics and power supplies reside separately from the LCD panels thanks to Planar’s G2 architecture, which takes heat, weight, depth, fan noise, and service points physically away from the video wall. This streamlined infrastructure—combined with the system’s high resolution, vivid brightness, and minimal bezel width—makes the video wall both exceedingly appealing visually and incredibly easy to service. With the tabletop control capabilities and the ability to display from multiple personal devices, the system is both functional and extremely easy to use.