LISEGA Case Study

About the Client

LISEGA is an international company specializing in pipe support systems for the engineering and construction industries.

The Design Goal

LISEGA was in need of audio visual solutions for three areas of their Houston office. These included:

  • Wall-mounted digital signage in the lobby area
  • Large multi-display presentation system with video conferencing capabilities for a conference room
  • Audiovisual collaboration solution for a large training room

LISEGA required AV solutions that were powerful and accessible. They needed bold signage that was easy to update with new messages, images, and video. Their conference room needed to be adaptable to a variety of use cases and devices. They also needed a versatile training room with scalable technology. Lastly, these systems needed to give plenty of clearance for complying with ADA accessibility guidelines.



Our Solution


For the lobby signage, Synergy installed a wall-mounted 60-inch flatscreen digital display in the main entry area. The wall-mounted signage uses a thin bracket system to maintain clearance for ADA compliance. Synergy also coordinated with the general contractor to ensure proper power and structural support.  Synergy mounted an HDMI-connected PC directly behind the display to make signage updates fast and simple.


Conference Room

LISEGA needed their conference room to be a versatile space where a large team could easily collaborate on presentations, video conference, and data visualization. Synergy’s solution took viewing requirements and room constraints into account:

  • A wall-mounted 70 inch LED flat screen display on one side of the room for presentations
  • A four-display video wall array on the opposite wall for displaying graphical data in high resolution
  • HDMI input and VGA with 3.5mm audio for legacy computer systems at the conference table cubby for direct connection to the displays

The cable conduit pathway was relatively small, making connection difficult. A common solution to the problem is to expand the pathway to provide room for the interconnects. Unfortunately, this would have been expensive and time-consuming.

Instead of making room for large and expensive interconnects, we used a system that was smaller and less expensive without sacrificing performance. Synergy installed a digital transmitter and receiver system with twisted pair cabling. Synergy’s solution was more cost-effective and took a fraction of the time.

On the opposite wall of the LED display, Synergy installed a 2×2 video wall array using 58-inch LCD displays with narrow bezels. The upper two displays feature adjustable tilt mounts so that users can optimize the viewing angle on a case-by-case basis. These mounts are also ultra-thin, keeping with ADA compliance.

Two computers with dual head video cards connect directly to the appropriate displays. The user can quickly select and display visual data on the appropriate display quadrant via easy-to-use software.

In addition to the presentation system, Synergy equipped LISEGA’s conference room with a cloud-based video teleconferencing system. Each computer can perform video conferencing functions as needed. The proximity of the table to the conference system makes it easy for users to communicate with remote participants.


Training Room

For the training room, LISEGA needed a presentation system that was easy for large groups to see and easy for presenters to use effectively. Synergy designed a simple but effective system to maximize the display visibility and increase ease of use, comprised of an ultra short throw DLP projector mounted above a Da-Lite Idea Screen

The short throw projector allows for larger images in tighter spaces, maximizing viewing height. It also allows the presenter to be close to the front of the room while keeping out of the projector’s light path. This creates a more effective training environment for the presenter and participants.

The Da-Lite Idea Screen incorporates the projection surface along with a magnetic dry-erase board. Extra marker board areas, perfect for annotation and notes, flank the large viewing area. If needed, the presenter can also mark directly onto the projected image.

Synergy also installed in-ceiling tile speakers along the length of the room to maximize audio quality. A custom wall plate was also installed at the presenters location. This allows for easy connection of either HDMI or a legacy VGA with 3.5mm audio connection cables.


Project Results

Synergy succeeded in providing LISEGA with powerful, versatile, and easy-to-use audio visual systems. These solutions complied with ADA standards, enhanced their team’s communication, and improved their  collaboration experience.

The lobby’s signage captures visitors’ attention and can be easily updated with new messages, images, and video footage. The conference room adapts well for a variety of collaboration uses, including presentations, video conferencing, and data visualization. The training room is also versatile, making it easy for presenters to share and annotate information without sacrificing the quality of the visual display.