IRC (Incident Response Center)


Founded in 2005, this client is one of the largest publicly traded independent oil and gas producers on the Gulf of Mexico Shelf. They focus on developing core properties while maintaining a complementary exploration program designed to provide organic growth for the future.


Design Goal

The client’s Health Safety and Environment team was tasked with building an Incident Response Center with a capacity of twenty-five to fifty occupants. The room was purpose-built to serve two primary functions—a large conference room for presentations, videoconferencing, and audio calling, and a 24/7 emergency operations center.

For this build, the client needed to be able to view multiple video feeds from weather information, news, CATV, video conferencing, and more. They also needed emergency-ready data and audiovisual convergence technology that would allow them to immediately respond in an emergency situation. They would need to be able to communicate with Coast Guard or other government agencies, remote field workers, and between their various locations in Houston, Louisiana, and elsewhere along the Gulf. They also needed the room to be furnished in a way that allowed for a flexible transition from conference room to emergency response-ready facility.



Synergy partnered with the client to design a solution that balanced functionality, flexibility, and ease of use. This solution included the following:

  • AMX room automation system
  • Eight 55” LCD panels
  • Two 123” ceiling-recessed projection screens
  • Barco ClickShare
  • Cisco SX80 videoconferencing system

LCD and projection displays were installed on the north, east, and south walls. Selected information can be viewed from multiple locations on each of these ten displays, allowing for both high-quality videoconferencing and multi-input video monitoring for emergency response.

The design includes a wireless audio system which allows users to completely customize the microphone configuration. Coupled with the Barco ClickShare for wireless video sharing from portable devices, the room is completely user-friendly in any situation. A PrecisionHD wide-angle camera installed at the front of the room runs through the SX80 codec from Cisco, allowing for an unparalleled level of videoconferencing quality at any distance.



Synergy provided the client with an large room capable of much more than everyday conference use. With its user-friendly visual system, customizable microphone configuration, and wireless video collaboration capabilities, the room allows for up to fifty people to converge over critical data at a moment’s notice for immediate response. The system is reliable, flexible, and easy to use. The client can completely customize the room to their needs at a moment’s notice. Whether in everyday situations or in emergency response scenarios, this Incident Response Center is ready for mission-critical data collaboration, audiovisual presentation, and HD videoconferencing.