How Does Your Company Collaborate?

Synergy CT recognizes each company is unique, and is in need of collaborative solutions dependent on your communication needs.

Below are a few of the things we take into consideration for each project:

Audio Visual

  • Innovative Equipment
  • Hardware Integration
  • Wiring & Installation

Project Guidelines

  • Budget
  • Room Size & Layout
  • Business Objectives
  • Appearance & Design

Communication Technology

  • Network & Security
  • Device Compatibility
  • Cutting-Edge Software

syn-er-gy n. the achievement of greater excellence through collaboration


Bring Your Room Together – Synergy CT – Built for Collaboration.

Synergy CT brings together people, technology, and ideas to create a truly-collaborative environment. We believe collaboration starts with teamwork and innovative equipment/ideas.


Build Your Business for the Future..

Collaborate with Synergy CT

Our team will develop and execute a collaborative business plan matching your company’s needs. Please let us know any project guidelines or business goals you have.
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Get more information on the specific services that Synergy CT provides below.

Audio Visual Integration

Explore Synergy CT’s world of AV. Includes information on audio visual equipment, services, AV advice, and the latest industry news.
AV Integration

Communication Technology

Discover Synergy CT’s technologies that power secure, flawless communication, in and out of the work space.
Communication Technology