Why You Need an AV Service Contract

Posted by / December 18, 2015


Now more than ever, your business needs an AV service contract.


Because AV solutions rarely stop at simple audio and video feeds. Commercial audiovisual integrators often design turnkey solutions for a wide range of mission-critical needs.

_DSC8524A powerful AV solution may encompass a variety of aspects, including:

  • lighting control
  • room automation
  • graphic user-interface (GUI) controls
  • network security
  • signal processing
  • videoconferencing hardware and cloud-based services
  • sound masking

It’s common for a business to need all these systems integrated into a single easy-to-use solution fitted for one room, multiple rooms, a whole floor, or even an entire building. These solutions rely on expert AV design for seamless integration. And expert design requires expert service.

The more complex the technology your business depends on and the more complicated the design solution, the more important an AV service contract becomes. Any problems with mission-critical solutions need to be fixed quickly after they arise.

The Costs and Benefits of Service

_DSC1405When considering an AV service contract, it’s important to understand the costs and benefits. It’s equally important to recognize the costs of going without a service contract. Without service, systems can fail and you may needlessly lose out on your initial investment.

The cost of an AV service contract varies according to your needs. If you have a pretty simple AV setup, you may feel you can get by without a service contract. But if you have mission-critical AV, you can’t afford to go without one. The three major benefits of an AV service contract in mission-critical rooms are:

  1. Protecting your investment:
    It’s not enough to simply invest in communications technology if that technology doesn’t remain dependable. If your AV system goes down and you’re unable to find a fix, your business loses time and money. In worst-case scenarios, systems that go without service for too long may even need to be totally replaced. A service contract ensures that any potential problems will be resolved quickly so that your mission-critical technology is in peak performance when you need it most.
  2. Increasing ROI:
    All mission-critical technologies, including audiovisual systems, require consistent upkeep. A service contract ensures your system will be fine-tuned and updated by experienced technicians as needed. With regular service, your system will last longer and perform better, giving you greater return on your initial investment.
  3. Improving the user experience:
    We’ve all felt frustration due to technical issues in the workplace. When left unchecked, these issues make technology more of a burden than anything else. More and more employees (millennials, we’re looking at you!) expect reliable, user-friendly technology at work. Simply put, the performance of workplace technology directly impacts team morale, and communications technology is no exception. A service contract for your AV systems ensures that productivity and job satisfaction remain high—and frustration stays low.

AV Service Contract FAQs

  • Who should consider an AV service contract?
    • Anyone with audiovisual technology in the workplace should consider the benefits of an AV service contract. Regular service ensures dependability and consistent performance of mission-critical AV systems in particular. If you have mission-critical AV needs, a service contract will save you headache, increase your ROI, and help keep up team morale.
  • Does Synergy CT offer service contracts for existing installs?
    • Yes! We offer service for AV solutions we’ve designed and installed, as well as service options for systems designed and installed by someone else.
  • What if my hardware is no longer covered by warranty—should I still consider a service contract?
    • We offer service contracts whether or not hardware remains under warranty. All AV systems, under warranty or not, will benefit when serviced by experienced AV technicians. Depending on the situation, we may even be able to offer you an extended warranty for your AV system.
  • Why should I consider Synergy CT as my audiovisual service provider?
    • We’re a team of certified AV integration experts who work with you to find a complete solution for your communications technology needs—including multi-room design/installation, systems integration, and long-term service. We’re willing and able to service all AV systems, whether we’ve designed them ourselves or not. Our offices in Houston and New Orleans are centrally located, which means our dedicated service experts arrive in a flash to service your system on-site. When necessary, we may also be able to provide consultative service remotely. No matter the situation, we’re dedicated to providing excellent service that you can trust.

Are you in need of an AV service contract? Contact us to find out how we can help you collaborate smarter today!

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