Why IT Departments Lose Sleep Over Their AV

Posted by / August 4, 2016

computer_problems.jpgIT teams have a lot to handle. They keep huge networks up and prevent security breaches. IT leaders work hard to stay up to date, to manage their team, and to facilitate growth, all while continually considering and adopting new technology—which further complicates their already difficult job.

AV technology is one responsibility that increasingly falls into the hands of IT. There’s just one problem: AV is not IT. Though the skills needed for each do overlap a bit, they really are separate domains.

A wealth of knowledge and experience goes into integrating user-friendly collaboration experiences. It takes more than IT know-how. It takes AV expertise. And it takes even more expertise to look at AV trends and extract the truly innovative solutions from the dross.

Finding good technology and developing AV systems that actually work well takes a lot of knowledge, effort, and time. IT teams do that on a macro level for their companies as a whole, but they also delegate aspects to specialists. In fact, it used to be common for AV systems to be integrated almost exclusively by AV specialists. But today, many IT teams don the mantle of ad hoc AV integrator—spreading themselves dangerously thin.

The results? Usually, not pretty. Below are some of the reasons why IT leaders are losing sleep over their AV.

Their AV technology doesn’t meet corporate innovation standards.

Technology is a resource that companies use to drive growth, but outdated technology can be a drain on innovation. When AV technology is lagging behind, IT has to worry about how it negatively affects the company as a whole.

They struggle to learn, implement, and provide upkeep for AV.

AV involves a wide range of expertise in areas such as room design, lighting, sound management, and video collaboration. It’s hard to suddenly learn it all. And when AV is done poorly, the mistakes are glaring and frustrating. It’s common to be left with AV systems that are more of a drain on productivity than anything else.

They’re left with solutions that aren’t really designed for users.

Unfortunately, we’ve all had bad AV experiences. Difficult to navigate controls, poor lighting, blurry video and indistinct audio. It’s common to have an AV system that has a ton of features—except the very one you need most.

No CIO wants to feel like their budget could have been better spent elsewhere, and they especially don’t want to end up with systems that don’t meet user needs. AV specialists know how to anticipate the user’s needs and create a better user experience in their design.

They are restricted (or restrict themselves) from choosing technology.

As technology and business models change, IT leaders are in a position to make bold choices—a scary position, and many err on the side of caution. It’s hard to blame them for being wary. No one wants a major upset—like a security breach or a network failure.

Still, companies shouldn’t have to settle for mediocre technology to keep their mission-critical networks safe. AV specialists have the ability to design secure yet innovative solutions that are ideal for mission-critical environments.

They (or their team) get worn out.

It isn’t feasible to expect IT teams to become AV integrators. As AV continues to overlap more with IT, the need to forge strong partnerships grows. If they rely on AV experts to do what they do best, IT leaders can have more time and energy to focus on what they do best—not to mention finally getting a good night’s sleep.

Call us biased, but we think the best solution to these problems is for IT teams to partner with a good AV integrator. That’s why we work closely with your team to deliver solutions that actually work. We help you rest easy knowing your AV systems are secure, dependable, and easy to use.

Is your AV keeping you (or your IT team) up at night? Let’s change that today! And if you’re an IT professional, I’d love to hear your feedback. Let me know in the comments if these AV headaches sound familiar. Thanks for reading!

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