Why Choose Wireless AV Solutions Over Wired?

Posted by / June 3, 2013

You might want to know how wireless audio video solutions benefit your business. Let’s start with this: In a world where productivity and efficiency are an ultimate priority, easy-to-use wireless presentation and collaboration systems fit the bill. And with the increasing use of portable mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and tablets, telecommuters and teams in locations worldwide can easily and efficiently share and present your important data.

Another significant benefit in choosing wireless technology is that it’s relatively easy to update an existing meeting space without a network redesign or rework.

Two wireless AV solutions on the market include Mersive’s Solstice and Barco’s ClickShare.

Mersive’s Solstice enables multiple users to connect simultaneously to a shared display using a range of devices and applications over an existing WiFi or Ethernet network. It addresses the challenge to anyone outside the company, as in a trainer or business partner, to have access to the projector. Solstice works with both projectors and flat-screen displays and allows for an instant connect.

Currently, Solstice supports Windows 7 and Apple iOS. It requires a Windows 7 PC to be connected to the display and requires client software on the device used by the presenter. There are multiple uses, but let’s say you’re in a training room or classroom environment: Your Windows PC’s connect to the overhead projector and the Solstice server software would live on the PC. The instructor can use either a mobile device or a PC and can let others in the room access the display with their own wireless devices via a pre-shared session key (a password). It also works well in a corporate conference room.

ClickShare is Barco’s single click meeting room collaboration and presentation system. No matter how complicated the AV equipment in the room seems, ClickShare handles all of the technology for you. A Mac or a PC user? It doesn’t matter, and up to four people can present simultaneously.

Collaborative, innovative wireless audio video solutions allow your HR team or CEO to present with confidence without being concerned with technical challenges. No more locating cables, puzzling over ports or adapters. The latest wireless audio video solutions allow for an optimized meeting, training, or conference space, and the reward is a more seamless, productive presentation.

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