The Case for BYOD

Posted by / November 6, 2015

Videoconferencing on Laptop

Ready or Not…

There’s no question: BYOD (“bring your own device”) is here to stay.

Surveys show that the average college student uses up to seven devices, the top two being laptops and smartphones, for school. Other studies show that around 95% of employees use at least one personal device for work.

Many companies have addressed the prevalence of personal devices with updated device management policies. At the same time, BYOD-capable AV solutions have made collaboration more intuitive.

When meeting rooms and classrooms adapt to BYOD, productivity and workplace satisfaction soars. Some organizations still have doubts, and we’ll look at those doubts in this post. Still, BYOD capable technology has been shown to improve productivity and increase profits.

If you’re interested increasing productivity through collaboration, read on!

To Bring, or Not to Bring

Are there disadvantages to BYOD?

Well, no single piece of technology is perfect for every situation. But for the most part, the difficulties with BYOD are highly technical and aren’t as obvious to the average user as the benefits.

A few major problems for BYOD enterprises include:

  • Network security threats: Unsecured mobile devices may pick up malware outside the network. Once brought into the office, infected devices may endanger an otherwise secure network.
  • Scalability: Increased data usage may quickly overwhelm wireless local area networks. Often, WLANs lack the infrastructure to handle the traffic of employees on many mobile devices at once.
  • Phone number portability: Many employees use their personal phones for company work. Companies risk losing business if customer-facing employees leave and take customer contacts to a competitor.

These potential disadvantages require new mobile device management policies and improved network infrastructures. Whole markets and a wave of updated policies now address these issues. One example of this shift can be found in the new market for sophisticated cloud-based solutions for secure video conferencing over any distance and from any device—smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop PC.

In fact, the disadvantages of BYOD have largely dwindled in light of the benefits. BYOD-capable solutions address these issues, leaving the user with none of the technical hassle. Before we share our favorites, let’s look at what makes BYOD so exciting!

Tablets and Smartphones and Apps—Oh my!

BYOD for ProductivityUnlike its disadvantages, the benefits of BYOD are more self-evident. BYOD provides convenience, flexibility, job satisfaction, and increased productivity. People look forward to collaborating when they can use their own devices to share with ease.

Mobile technology places more and more control in the hands of the user. The culture of collaboration is democratized as the user gains ease of control and BYOD sharing becomes more intuitive.

It’s more important than ever to bring BYOD solutions into the workplace and classroom. BYOD eliminates the technical hassles that all too often plague collaboration in the workplace. Less hassle means more satisfied users and more effective communicators.

Sharing the Future

You can now collaborate without fretting over operating systems, wiring troubles, or network security. There are many choices of BYOD solutions, and here are a few of our favorites:

  • Barco ClickShare–As simple as it sounds! With just the click of a button, your device connects with the meeting room’s AV system. Some of ClickShare’s features include:
    • Active participation and multi-screen sharing of up to 4 simultaneous users
    • Ready-to-share connectivity of up to 64 devices at a time
    • PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices connect and share with equal ease
    • High-quality audio/video sharing via discrete 2.4GHz or 5GHz-band Wi-Fi
    • No software installation required—just plug in the button, click, and share!

It’s hard to imagine a more powerful and user-friendly collaboration experience!

  • Christie Brio – If you need to collaborate over high-quality content, Brio may be perfect for you! Brio integrates smoothly into your existing LAN to connect devices regardless of geographic location. It features:
    • High-quality video at full 1080p with HDCP support
    • Wireless sharing to one or two displays using existing technology (e.g. Network Projector, AirPlay)
    • Customizable security via controlled access of users to the Cloud/internet
    • Whiteboard feature for annotation of shared documents
    • Screen-capture of shared documents—complete with annotations—to HDD, USB, or other devices over the network

Brio is a great solution for fast-paced business and academic environments! Groups can share, edit in real time, save work, and capture annotations. All this allows users to focus on collaborating with ease.

  • Kramer VIA – One of the most powerful collaboration solutions on the market. The VIA has a multitude of features that allow for secure collaboration:
    • Wireless connection with no extra hardware required
    • Easily share MP3s, photos, and HD video streams up to 1080p at 60fps
    • Multiple-user collaboration of up to four participants to a shared display
    • File-sharing with one or several participants
    • iOS mirroring without any added software
    • DHCP automatically assigns IP address for easy plug-and-play setup
    • Do Not Disturb mode for uninterrupted presentation when enabled
    • Whiteboard allows annotation with any regular or touch panel device
    • Drag-and-drop files to the Cloud for instant sharing with other users
    • Enable Control gives a participant control over a presenter’s laptop
    • Powerful security features such as user authentication, 1024−bit encryption, and dynamic room code

With these powerful tools and security features, Kramer’s solution is intuitive and easy to use!

Choosing Your Solution

Laptop VideoconferenceBYOD-capable systems are powerful productivity-enhancers for businesses and classrooms. There are many factors to consider when deciding which is best for your business. But don’t let those factors overwhelm you! The experts at Synergy CT can help you decide.

You can get in touch with us We look forward to helping you bring your business up-to-speed!