Sound Masking, and Why Every Business Needs It

Posted by / January 14, 2015

What is Sound Masking?

sound-masking-900Sound masking is a technique used by a number of organizations to help cover up unwanted sound by utilizing auditory masking. By adding a barely audible natural or artificial sound to “mask” normal day-to-day noise such as human speech and other distracting sounds, businesses can turn their environment into a less distracting space, resulting in more productive employees.

How does Sound Masking work?

Cambridge Sound Management has a product line called “QT,” which differs in scale depending on the amount of coverage needed. Behind all Cambridge Sound Management’s products is their patented Qt Quiet Technology, a low voltage, distributed audio system. QtPro systems, unlike other systems, are flexible and simple to install. “Qt systems are installed along a simple grid pattern with spacing determined by ceiling height. QtEmitters™ can be mounted to virtually any surface with little impact to the space including standard acoustical tiles, drywall ceilings and metal or wood beams.”

Small businesses are starting to take notice.

From large corporations to small agencies, sound masking can increase employee productivity and maintain customer privacy. Here are 3 reasons to use sound masking in your own business:

  • Employee Productivity

Most offices today feature shared workstations and open spaces. Though this work environment can often aid in employee collaboration and integration, it can also become an enormous distraction while being counter-productive. Employees that are less sidetracked by the typical workplace chatter can easily focus on the task at hand. The use of proper sound masking can help alleviate distraction, increase productivity, and maintain speech privacy by utilizing an unobtrusive, easily ignored background sound.

  • Speech Privacy in Public Spaces

Have you ever been in a waiting room across from someone with a loud voice? Or standing in line at the bank while hearing every detail about the person’s transaction in front of you? Without sound masking, private conversations can be heard in the adjacent public spaces. From pharmacies and waiting rooms, to small private offices and public hallways, with sound masking, the pleasant, non-repeating “whoosh” blends into the background and makes private conversations unintelligible to others. Installing a Qt Quiet technology sound masking system is the most cost-effective way to ensure speech privacy and comply with the speech privacy requirements of HIPAA and GLBA regulations.

  • Seamless Video Conferencing

Whether it’s a phone ringing down the hall or colleagues carrying on a conversation outside the room, during video conferencing, that noise is amplified on the far end and is a distraction for everyone. Though a quiet room with soundproof walls and perfect acoustics is ideal for video conferencing, it’s not always realistic. With the influx of glass conferencing rooms and ultra-low partitions, it’s becoming more difficult to conduct private conferences without ambient sounds distracting from the meeting.

Interested in learning more about sound masking and what it can do for your small business? Visit our sound masking page or click here to contact us.