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10 Ways to Create a Culture of Collaboration

Posted by / June 27, 2016

collaboration.jpg“Collaboration” is a popular buzzword in the AV/IT world. In the age of click-bait advertising, buzzwords often ring hollow. But at the core of “collaboration”, there is a germ of real meaning endangered by mindless overuse.


Three Goals for Workplace Innovation

Posted by / June 24, 2016


Why Bother Innovating?

Innovation matters more than ever in today’s global economy. It’s important for businesses who rely on communications technology to find new and better solutions that foster greater collaboration. And now is always the best time to do it.


Everything You Need to Know About Sound Masking

Posted by / June 16, 2016


Have you ever felt distracted by noise at work? At first, a noisy office may seem like nothing more than a minor annoyance, but over time the disturbance produced by constant unwanted sound borders on rage-inducing. Prolonged noise distraction can be a drain on emotional and physical wellbeing—not to mention performance, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

Sound masking fills an essential role in designing the optimal acoustic environment: covering up unwanted sound. It is an inexpensive and powerful acoustic design solution which solves common sound management challenges in the modern workplace, such as eliminating noise distraction and maintaining speech privacy.


10 Reasons Every Business Needs Video Conferencing

Posted by / May 20, 2016

business_collaboration.jpgNo matter what industry you’re in, collaboration plays a critical role in the success of your business. Companies that create, communicate, and go to market better and faster have a huge advantage over the competition. There are many ways to streamline your workflow, but no tool is as simple, powerful, and cost-effective as video conferencing.

At one time, the primary benefit to video conferencing was reduced travel cost for remote workers. Since then, video conferencing solutions have greatly improved, and so have the outcomes for companies that use video conferncing today. As the cost of video conferencing decreases, more businesses can afford powerful and personal distance collaboration solutions.

Below, we’ll look at ten reasons why video conferencing a must-have for every business. This list is far from exhaustive, but it’s a good starting place for anyone considering video conferencing solutions. If you want to boost your team’s morale, increase productivity, and make your meetings more powerful and actionable, read on!

The Ultimate AV Security Checklist

Posted by / March 31, 2016

The Ultimate AV Security Checklist
For businesses with network access to mission-critical data, security is more important than ever. In our last blog post, we debunked some dangerous network security myths. This week, we’ll take a closer look at networked AV security.


Why You Should Focus on AV Security

The AV industry still has some catching up to do regarding security. The recent AMX story demonstrates that. But as we’ve said before, network security is a growing concern for every industry, not just AV. (more…)

10 Network Security Myths Debunked

Posted by / March 25, 2016


Network Security is Mission-Critical

Most devices in the modern office connect to the network in some form or fashion. This was far from the norm not long ago. Today, companies rely on secure and powerful networks to accommodate the rapid rise of workplace connectivity. Audio-visual systems remain a big part of that equation, and our industry has long focused on improving AV/IT integration for that reason.

Cyber security has become especially important for AV integrators. AV systems no longer simply interface with IT networks. With the prevalence of unified systems integration, the AV network has become the IT network. This makes AV network security in particular just as important as network security more generally.

Don’t assume that your network is secure because you’ve never had security problems in the past. Now is the time to take a proactive approach to AV/IT security. This is especially true for businesses with mission-critical networks. You can’t afford to put security on the back-burner—the risks far outweigh the cost.

Many dangerous myths abound concerning networked security. You’ve probably heard some of them yourself. Let’s look at 10 of the most common myths and clear them up one by one.


Network Security: Bad News and Backdoors

Posted by / February 5, 2016

SecurityIf you’ve been paying attention to AV news lately, you’ve probably already heard about the AMX controversy. The Blogosphere and Twitterverse have been abuzz with the news. Just in case you haven’t heard, here’s a quick summary:

Information obtained from SEC Consult, a security consultation company based in Austria, revealed that a dangerous “backdoor” account had shipped with many AMX devices. According to SEC Consult, this vulnerability might allow a hacker to spy on activity within the target system. SEC Consult claims that they discovered this vulnerability, alerted AMX, and received a response seven months later that a firmware update had addressed the issue. (more…)

Why You Need an AV Service Contract

Posted by / December 18, 2015


Now more than ever, your business needs an AV service contract.


Because AV solutions rarely stop at simple audio and video feeds. Commercial audiovisual integrators often design turnkey solutions for a wide range of mission-critical needs.

_DSC8524A powerful AV solution may encompass a variety of aspects, including:

  • lighting control
  • room automation
  • graphic user-interface (GUI) controls
  • network security
  • signal processing
  • videoconferencing hardware and cloud-based services
  • sound masking


Don’t Make These 10 AV Design Mistakes!

Posted by / November 13, 2015

If you’re an architect, CTO, or CIO, it’s important to find the perfect audiovisual system for your room. You need a total solution that integrates seamlessly with the room. What does it take to make that happen?


Well, there are a lot of factors to consider. Whether you’re designing a meeting room, boardroom, or classroom, the decisions can be overwhelming.

We have lots of experience designing, installing, and servicing mission-critical AV builds. If you need AV design, contact us today for a free consultation. 

It’s difficult to design the exact audiovisual solution you need without industry expertise. To help you out, we’ve come up with some critical mistakes in AV design. Avoid these and you’ll be ahead of the game!


The Case for BYOD

Posted by / November 6, 2015

Videoconferencing on Laptop

Ready or Not…

There’s no question: BYOD (“bring your own device”) is here to stay.

Surveys show that the average college student uses up to seven devices, the top two being laptops and smartphones, for school. Other studies show that around 95% of employees use at least one personal device for work.

Many companies have addressed the prevalence of personal devices with updated device management policies. At the same time, BYOD-capable AV solutions have made collaboration more intuitive.

When meeting rooms and classrooms adapt to BYOD, productivity and workplace satisfaction soars. Some organizations still have doubts, and we’ll look at those doubts in this post. Still, BYOD capable technology has been shown to improve productivity and increase profits.

If you’re interested increasing productivity through collaboration, read on!