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Make Maintenance Cool

Posted by / October 26, 2016

make_maintenance_cool.jpgMy name is Nathan, and I’m a podcast addict.


Why Hire an AV Consultant?

Posted by / October 19, 2016



What’s the Big Deal with Big Data?

Posted by / October 13, 2016


2016 has already been a year of exciting new technology in the AV industry. One of the most important trends for integrators and manufacturers alike is the interaction of AV with “Big Data.” But Big Data is more than a trend, and its effects stretch beyond that of networked AV.


How to Choose an AV Integrator

Posted by / October 5, 2016


Choosing an AV integrator is serious business. You have to juggle a lot of concerns: value for your investment, future peace of mind, and maintaining the trust of your team, to name a few. When the stakes are high, those concerns are enough to overwhelm even the most experienced decision maker.


Unlock the Hidden Potential of Your Huddle Room

Posted by / September 27, 2016


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If you pay attention at all to AV industry news, you’d think that “huddle rooms” are a new concept. In fact, huddle rooms have been around in some form or fashion for decades. Organizations of every size have always needed spaces ideal for smaller team collaboration. But what is new is how teams collaborate.


Meeting With Remote Teams? Set Them Up For Success!

Posted by / August 25, 2016

Video_Conference_Meeting.jpgOne of the greatest benefits of today’s communications technology is that employees don’t have to be tied down to one physical location. But there is also a danger that comes with that increase in remote workers: a lack of face-to-face meetings.


Master the Art of The Video Conference

Posted by / August 19, 2016


We have entered a new dimension of conferencing, beyond that which was known before. It lies in the space between face-to-face meetings and audio conference calls, and it is a world where participants may feel and act as if they are present in two places at once. It is a realm we call… no, not the Twilight Zone—the Video Conference!


Why IT Departments Lose Sleep Over Their AV

Posted by / August 4, 2016

computer_problems.jpgIT teams have a lot to handle. They keep huge networks up and prevent security breaches. IT leaders work hard to stay up to date, to manage their team, and to facilitate growth, all while continually considering and adopting new technology—which further complicates their already difficult job.


Enhancing Education with Video Conferencing

Posted by / July 22, 2016

First, an anecdote

My first experience with distance education happened as a freshman in college. One of my business classes was a “hybrid learning environment”. This meant our class had two sections of students—one in-person and one remote. The remote class section was based in Hawaii, and they joined us over a video conferencing system. 


Best of AV Tech: Interactive Touch Displays

Posted by / July 15, 2016

best_of_av_tech.pngThere’s been a lot of buzz in the AV industry around interactive touch technology following the release of Microsoft’s Surface Hub. More organizations are looking to use interactive touch for team collaboration than ever before. But while the Surface Hub is getting a lot of press, it isn’t the only option for interactive touch presentation. And it may not be the right solution for everyone.