Choosing AV Equipment Takes a Little More Than Buying a Plasma Screen and Hanging It on the Wall

Posted by / May 14, 2013

The days of flipping on an overhead projector, everyone plugging into the network from connections awkwardly located under the conference table, and whoever is closest to the door switching off the lights are over.

Envision this: With a swipe on your iPad or tablet, you control a projector that resides inside a panel that drops down from the ceiling as soon as the programmed lights begin to dim. The shades drop, the screen descends from the ceiling, lights are adjusting, the room cools down, the projector turns on and the sound fills the room through the speakers installed in the different surfaces in the room.

There are some basics people have come to expect in a meeting space today. Effective lighting, temperature, acoustics, videoconferencing and visual collaboration – all of them play a crucial role in allowing your staff to collaborate and brainstorm that next great idea.

There are so many choices for effective and innovative technology now. Although this is a good thing, it can be an overwhelming and confusing decision. The selection of display technology is certainly essential, However, decisions about audio, usage and system control have to be considered, and installation, quality workmanship, system integration and ongoing technical support are also important.

Selecting the right AV options for your conference or meeting room can have quite a significant impact on your message, both visually and audibly and the operational steps to get that meeting started aren’t to be overlooked. And it isn’t just applicable to everyone around the conference table anymore. Your telecommuters need to fully grasp the new company direction or be able to successfully contribute their brilliance from their home office or mobile device.
A properly designed system solution will satisfy your functional needs and be easy to operate. There is a lot of innovation out there. Making good choices that will serve you now and in the future can help you make the magic happen.

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