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The Ultimate AV Security Checklist

Posted by / March 31, 2016

The Ultimate AV Security Checklist
For businesses with network access to mission-critical data, security is more important than ever. In our last blog post, we debunked some dangerous network security myths. This week, we’ll take a closer look at networked AV security.


Why You Should Focus on AV Security

The AV industry still has some catching up to do regarding security. The recent AMX story demonstrates that. But as we’ve said before, network security is a growing concern for every industry, not just AV. (more…)

10 Network Security Myths Debunked

Posted by / March 25, 2016


Network Security is Mission-Critical

Most devices in the modern office connect to the network in some form or fashion. This was far from the norm not long ago. Today, companies rely on secure and powerful networks to accommodate the rapid rise of workplace connectivity. Audio-visual systems remain a big part of that equation, and our industry has long focused on improving AV/IT integration for that reason.

Cyber security has become especially important for AV integrators. AV systems no longer simply interface with IT networks. With the prevalence of unified systems integration, the AV network has become the IT network. This makes AV network security in particular just as important as network security more generally.

Don’t assume that your network is secure because you’ve never had security problems in the past. Now is the time to take a proactive approach to AV/IT security. This is especially true for businesses with mission-critical networks. You can’t afford to put security on the back-burner—the risks far outweigh the cost.

Many dangerous myths abound concerning networked security. You’ve probably heard some of them yourself. Let’s look at 10 of the most common myths and clear them up one by one.


Network Security: Bad News and Backdoors

Posted by / February 5, 2016

SecurityIf you’ve been paying attention to AV news lately, you’ve probably already heard about the AMX controversy. The Blogosphere and Twitterverse have been abuzz with the news. Just in case you haven’t heard, here’s a quick summary:

Information obtained from SEC Consult, a security consultation company based in Austria, revealed that a dangerous “backdoor” account had shipped with many AMX devices. According to SEC Consult, this vulnerability might allow a hacker to spy on activity within the target system. SEC Consult claims that they discovered this vulnerability, alerted AMX, and received a response seven months later that a firmware update had addressed the issue. (more…)