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Sound Masking, and Why Every Business Needs It

Posted by / January 14, 2015

What is Sound Masking?

sound-masking-900Sound masking is a technique used by a number of organizations to help cover up unwanted sound by utilizing auditory masking. By adding a barely audible natural or artificial sound to “mask” normal day-to-day noise such as human speech and other distracting sounds, businesses can turn their environment into a less distracting space, resulting in more productive employees.


FAQs: Cloud Based Video Conferencing

Posted by / December 9, 2014

Image of business meeting through videoconferencing.In a recent GooglePlus community post, Leonard Suskin brought to my attention four questions that you may have about our new telepresence offering, StarLeaf. All are important questions for enterprise-level video conferencing and I wanted to share my answers with you…


Why Choose Wireless AV Solutions Over Wired?

Posted by / June 3, 2013

You might want to know how wireless audio video solutions benefit your business. Let’s start with this: In a world where productivity and efficiency are an ultimate priority, easy-to-use wireless presentation and collaboration systems fit the bill. And with the increasing use of portable mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and tablets, telecommuters and teams in locations worldwide can easily and efficiently share and present your important data.