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The Benefits of Software-Based AV Control

Posted by / May 2, 2017

The benefits of software-based AV control

The increase of software-based AV control solutions on the market today should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with current IT trends. Nearly every business function seems to be offered as a cloud-based software subscription, and more and more industries are beginning to adopt software-based technology.

In the AV world, software-based solutions can be found among videoconferencing, telemedicine, collaboration systems, and more. But perhaps the most impactful development has been in the area of AV control. (more…)

Why Audio Visual Integration Goes Wrong

Posted by / February 1, 2017

Why Audio Visual Integration Goes Wrong

It’s a harsh fact: sometimes, AV is a pain.

All too many end-users end up wasting valuable time every day fighting with technology that never worked well in the first place. Technology that they bought based on a promise that it would make their life easier, but has, in reality, brought more frustration than anything else.

But why does audio visual integration go wrong?


A New Kind of 2K Resolution

Posted by / January 6, 2017

A New Kind of 2K Resolution.png


Make Maintenance Cool

Posted by / October 26, 2016

make_maintenance_cool.jpgMy name is Nathan, and I’m a podcast addict.


The Case for BYOD

Posted by / November 6, 2015

Videoconferencing on Laptop

Ready or Not…

There’s no question: BYOD (“bring your own device”) is here to stay.

Surveys show that the average college student uses up to seven devices, the top two being laptops and smartphones, for school. Other studies show that around 95% of employees use at least one personal device for work.

Many companies have addressed the prevalence of personal devices with updated device management policies. At the same time, BYOD-capable AV solutions have made collaboration more intuitive.

When meeting rooms and classrooms adapt to BYOD, productivity and workplace satisfaction soars. Some organizations still have doubts, and we’ll look at those doubts in this post. Still, BYOD capable technology has been shown to improve productivity and increase profits.

If you’re interested increasing productivity through collaboration, read on!


What You Wanted to See at InfoComm 2015

Posted by / July 10, 2015


InfoComm International has organized the world’s largest and most comprehensive audio and video technology trade shows for over 75 years. This year’s show was in Orlando Florida, and the close to 40,000 participants spanned over 500,000 square feet of technology booths, special exhibits, and classes. Synergy attended the show in order to network with industry colleagues, learn about trends, and of course to see the latest advancements in communication technology. We invest in attending InfoComm to ensure we keep our client offerings up-to-date with cutting-edge industry developments in order to consult you best as our trusted partner. We look for solutions we can use in our own corporate applications to further understand working with technology in our own day-to-day. We wouldn’t expect you to buy into something we haven’t used ourselves.


Sound Masking, and Why Every Business Needs It

Posted by / January 14, 2015

What is Sound Masking?

sound-masking-900Sound masking is a technique used by a number of organizations to help cover up unwanted sound by utilizing auditory masking. By adding a barely audible natural or artificial sound to “mask” normal day-to-day noise such as human speech and other distracting sounds, businesses can turn their environment into a less distracting space, resulting in more productive employees.


3 Things to Consider Before Your Next Telepresence Meeting

Posted by / July 15, 2014

audio and videoAs the cost of travel and airfare continues to skyrocket, more and more businesses have decided to take the cost effective route of utilizing communication technology as a form of conducting meetings. There are thousands of tips on conducting meetings using video conferencing online, however, the steps taken beforehand are far more crucial in successfully executing a meeting via telepresence.


Telehealth: Communication Technology has Become the Backbone of Healthcare Institutions

Posted by / April 11, 2014

As the healthcare sector continues to evolve, so does the importance of integrating communication technologies in healthcare institutions. “Telehealth” or “telemedicine,” is the delivery of health-related services and information via audiovisual and telecommunication, has become increasingly common among healthcare professionals as a means of reliable and expedited correspondence. In fact, the American Telemedicine Association (ATA) reported that there are approximately 200 U.S. telemedicine networks linking over 3,000 sites, with over 80,000 homes have been wired for remote healthcare monitoring. Effective use of communication technology by healthcare professionals can lead to improved patient care and overall operational efficiency.


Press Release: Houston Audio Visual Company, Synergy AV, Changes Company Name to Synergy CT

Posted by / February 28, 2014

Alongside celebrating 10 years of business, Synergy CT embraces the audiovisual industry changes by modifying its company name.

Houston, Texas — Todd Spell, president and C.E.O. of Synergy CT, has officially announced his company’s name change from Synergy AV to Synergy CT. The change comes on the brink of the company’s 10-year anniversary as of March 1, 2014. Synergy CT has changed their business name only, and will still employ the same team of experts, from technicians to the president and C.E.O.