Business Communication Solutions for the Energy Sector

Posted by / September 23, 2014

A visualization room is a great business communication solution.As a premier audio video company in Houston, a number of oil and gas professionals rely on Synergy CT for their business communication solutions. The energy industry experiences many challenges that contribute to their need for professional, reliable and secure business communication solutions. The Synergy CT team is here to help you face those challenges head on with the most efficient telepresence solutions in the market today, specifically tailored to your organization’s needs.

Become more competitive in the marketplace

Let face it, to be competitive in the oil and gas industry you need to utilize effective communication tools. Whether you need business conferencing solutions to comply with environmental safety concerns or to connect experts that are worlds apart, HD audio and video solutions that enable you to collaborate with live data are a must. Video conferencing solutions (telepresence), in particular, provide face-to-face virtual meetings that allow your company to make important decisions faster, giving you a clear competitive advantage.

Cut down on incident response time by collaborating in real time

When an incident does occur in the oil and gas industry, time is of the essence. The speed of the response can drastically affect the bottom line, but more importantly it allows your team to make decisions that may impact lives. Seamless communication with real time data sharing and monitoring is required in order to handle the situation quickly. That’s where instant collaboration solutions like those from our partner StarLeaf, come in. Not only can you collaborate locally, as well as with experts across the world instantly, you’re also able to discuss damage while visually sharing valuable documents and data to reduce costly recovery time.

High-resolution displays help increase productivity

Instant collaboration allows energy producers to be more productive and increase their bottom line. One type of high-resolution display solution that Synergy CT offers to a number of energy professionals is called a visualization room. These rooms are designed to give energy professionals, such as geologist and geophysicist, more control when reviewing complex reservoir models, geologic cross sections, well models and more. Trust us, once you’re empowered with these improved visual data and command and control functions, an increase in productivity is sure to follow.

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Todd Spell has been in the audiovisual industry for 19+ years providing solutions to over 350 clients in a variety of industry sectors. In 1995, Todd began his career in the AV industry as an Account Representative with Creative Presentations in Lafayette, Louisiana and later opened the Houston branch in 2000. From 2001 to 2004, he was a founding partner in Intermedia Technologies, helping clients in industries such as higher education, petrochemical, etc. In March of 2004, Todd founded Synergy AV and has been serving as president/CEO since then. In 2013, the company decided to change their name from Synergy AV to Synergy CT to better exemplify who they are.