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10 Ways to Create a Culture of Collaboration

Posted by / June 27, 2016

collaboration.jpg“Collaboration” is a popular buzzword in the AV/IT world. In the age of click-bait advertising, buzzwords often ring hollow. But at the core of “collaboration”, there is a germ of real meaning endangered by mindless overuse.


Three Goals for Workplace Innovation

Posted by / June 24, 2016


Why Bother Innovating?

Innovation matters more than ever in today’s global economy. It’s important for businesses who rely on communications technology to find new and better solutions that foster greater collaboration. And now is always the best time to do it.


Everything You Need to Know About Sound Masking

Posted by / June 16, 2016


Have you ever felt distracted by noise at work? At first, a noisy office may seem like nothing more than a minor annoyance, but over time the disturbance produced by constant unwanted sound borders on rage-inducing. Prolonged noise distraction can be a drain on emotional and physical wellbeing—not to mention performance, productivity, and job satisfaction. 

Sound masking fills an essential role in designing the optimal acoustic environment: covering up unwanted sound. It is an inexpensive and powerful acoustic design solution which solves common sound management challenges in the modern workplace, such as eliminating noise distraction and maintaining speech privacy.