10 Reasons Every Business Needs Video Conferencing

Posted by / May 20, 2016

business_collaboration.jpgNo matter what industry you’re in, collaboration plays a critical role in the success of your business. Companies that create, communicate, and go to market better and faster have a huge advantage over the competition. There are many ways to streamline your workflow, but no tool is as simple, powerful, and cost-effective as video conferencing.

At one time, the primary benefit to video conferencing was reduced travel cost for remote workers. Since then, video conferencing solutions have greatly improved, and so have the outcomes for companies that use video conferncing today. As the cost of video conferencing decreases, more businesses can afford powerful and personal distance collaboration solutions.

Below, we’ll look at ten reasons why video conferencing a must-have for every business. This list is far from exhaustive, but it’s a good starting place for anyone considering video conferencing solutions. If you want to boost your team’s morale, increase productivity, and make your meetings more powerful and actionable, read on!


  1. Cut distance out of the equation.

Gone are the days when remote team members have to play catch-up for missed meetings or travel non-stop. That kind of workday is not only costly in terms of hours spent on the road and money spent on gas. There is also a huge opportunity cost. Imagine what could replace all that time spent traveling. Team members could take time beforehand to focus and prepare. They would have more time afterward to write down actionable takeaways. When you put that time back into your workflow over a period of months or years, the cumulative effects are enormous.

  1. Collaborate at the drop of a hat—anytime, anywhere.

There’s nothing worse than having to jump through hurdles just to have a quick meeting. Finding an unoccupied huddle space, scheduling the time, waiting for everyone to arrive—that takes up a lot of valuable time and energy. Worse still may be the unending chain of email messages sent over problems that could be solved with a ten-minute conversation. There is a better way. Video conferencing solutions make it simple to collaborate from any smartphone, laptop, or PC at a moment’s notice. Cut out the headache of orchestrating a face-to-face meeting and you’ll actually look forward to them. And when that process is quick and painless, you will be better able to focus on what’s important.

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  1. Streamline your decision-making.

You work best when you work productively and efficiently. But big, mission-critical decisions take a lot of input, and sometimes the process gets bogged down. A well-implemented video collaboration solution streamlines your decision-making. High-quality video and audio solutions remove the common technological distractions that plagued video conferencing systems of the past. With solutions like Starleaf Breeze, you can even record the live stream and refer to it later, or send it to anyone who missed out. Your meetings will be shorter, more efficient, and have higher engagement. As a result, you will arrive at better decisions faster.

  1. Boost the quality of your communication.

The best video conferencing solution is almost invisible. As you get into the flow of the meeting, you may forget you are even using it. The same cannot be said for voice conferencing alone, let alone email or text messaging. Video conferencing brings in a human factor that’s missing from the alternatives. So much of communication is nonverbal, and video conferencing preserves that essential quality. Ask any CEO, educator, or physician: face-to-face conversations are irreplaceable. Video conferencing is powerful because it preserves that indispensable quality of conversation.

  1. Revamp your hiring process.

Hiring the right people is a notoriously difficult process. There may never be a time when video conferencing completely replaces physical, face-to-face interviews for hiring. Still, there’s a huge benefit to using video conferencing as part of the hiring process. Key factors like nonverbal communication, professionalism, posture, personality, and enthusiasm can’t be embedded into a resume. HR departments can easily use video conferencing to screen a large number of applicants for those factors. This cuts down on the number of on-site interviews and increases the quality of those interviews. Both hiring managers and potential employees will save time in the process.

  1. Attract and keep better employees.

     (See more videoconferencing stats in detail thanks to a handy infographic from Webex!)

Companies who use video conferencing are more attractive to the majority of job applicants. According to the 2015 Source of Hires report, 66% of job candidates prefer to use video conferencing during the interviewing process. A study of employers who use video conferencing found that 95% agree that telework has a high impact on employee retention. The way people work has changed, especially with the influx of millennials joining the workforce. Attracting and retaining good employees saves time and money. Retaining just one $40,000 a year employee provides a potential savings of $30,000. Employers hoping to attract and keep a solid workforce cannot afford to ignore the benefits of video conferencing. 

  1. Modernize your training routine.

Whether your organization offers training services or you simply need to train new hires or current employees on best practices, video conferencing is a great tool to bring your training routine up-to-date. Video conferencing is ideal for training because it maximizes attendance and engagement. Participants can more easily retain knowledge in a live, participatory setting with visual, audio, and textual training materials. Video conferencing also allows for a single trainer to train more trainees at a time than ever before. Whether you need to train dozens of employees or thousands, you can use video conferencing to streamline the process while making the training memorable and engaging.

  1. Develop stellar relationships with customers and partners.

Ever been on the phone with a customer service representative? Then you know how frustrating it can be. Video collaboration helps customer service teams change that. When you can see the customer, you can better understand their needs and provide support. Businesses using video chat for support stand out as going above and beyond do take care of customers. The human touch that video conferencing provides is a great way to exceed expectations and keep your clients coming back. Similarly, video conferencing is a great way for you to foster strong relationships with partners. If your clients and partners use video conferencing already, you may want to consider adopting it too. 

  1. Enjoy a reliable, secure, and scalable collaboration solution.

Don’t settle for a video conferencing solution that looks and feels second-rate. There’s no substitute for quality, especially when it comes to video conferencing technology. As your business grows, you need a solution that scales with you, that keeps your data secure, and that works when you need it most. We partner with Starleaf because we’ve found that their solution fits all the above criteria while remaining easy to use.

  1. Break the status quo.

Before you decide whether to adopt a video conferencing solution—or any new technology, for that matter—don’t just look at the numbers. Look at what the decision says to your employees, partners, and customers. Video conferencing is only one part of a wider innovative approach to collaboration. There will always be reasons not to adopt a new technology or solution: cost, time, or simply the desire to play it safe. But as the workplace becomes more and more digital, companies who fail to innovate will be left behind. By adopting video collaboration, you are investing in new and better solutions to the challenges of the digital age. 

Don’t meet more. Meet smarter.

Video conferencing is a promising solution for every business. We use video conferencing all the time at Synergy CT, and we’ve seen the benefits of powerful video collaboration solutions. As communications technology integrators, we help bring the benefit of smarter collaboration to our clients every day. 

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