Our Commitment

Smart Communication, Face-to-Face or Miles Apart

Synergy CT, Inc. is a premier provider of audio visual communication systems. From concept to integration, we offer the knowledge, resources and technologies to deliver reliable, user-friendly and innovative communication solutions. Locally owned and operated, our skilled professionals design, build, install and maintain customized audio visual systems that work, worldwide.

We make things happen across the room or across the globe by effectively connecting the lines between presentation and communication. We use the latest in open video architecture, multi-channel visualization solutions and multi-site deployments to nurture collaboration and support effective decision-making.

Our clients seek to communicate their vision, their plans and their ideas and at Synergy CT, we have redefined the way people share their information since 2004. From the Gulf Coast to the Far East, we offer consultation, engineering, programming, project management, installation and service after project completion, to improve business and drive results.

At Synergy CT, our collaborative, integrated audio visual solutions facilitate collaboration and foster enhanced, effective communications face-to-face or miles apart.