Welcome to Synergy CT! We provide leading audio and visual conferencing software, solutions and installation, tailored specifically for your business.

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Seamless Video Conferencing

From the intimacy of a one-on-one meeting to collaborating with entire teams a world apart, Video Conferencing is a breath of fresh air with Synergy’s integrated solutions.

Board Rooms

A room can set the tone for an entire meeting. If a room feels connected, people feel connected. If not, then productivity suffers. Let us make conferencing an enjoyable experience with our full-featured board/meeting rooms.

Data Visualization Services

Data Visualization has never been so holistic or fun. Our Visualization Rooms use bleeding edge technology to make everything from 3D schematics to seismic data a completely enjoyable experience.

Cloud Management

We are pleased to announce our cloud-based video management services. Connect to anyone anywhere regardless of disparate networks or carrier. All with the peace of mind provided by encryption.